The Holidays

Well, I have gone and done it. Being in a relationship for the holidays had always been nerve wracking for me over the past 6 years. Ok, I haven’t exactly had relationships last over the holidays in 6 years and now that I have one it’s like being a strangers baby and you are just holding it not know what to do.

I have to plan not only my schedule but his schedule too and also work around his families Christmas and my families Christmas. We had it all planned out a week ago so I don’t exactly have to vomit every time I think about it.

What is my apartment like for Christmas? Like an elf threw a party and didn’t tell me. I have lights, and a tree and decorations all over the walls and tables. I absolutely love it and it makes it so cozy that I couldn’t be happier. Even the significant other helped me decorate.

It makes me think about being a full fledged adult and this is normal stuff to be doing in a relationship: decoration, planning and going to parties. I never thought when I moved into my apartment 4 months ago ( It has been 4 months! Isn’t that crazy!? ) I would be in a relationship, working a new job and have a dog. Thinks moved at their own time and I couldn’t be happier.


What am I doing now? Thinking about needing to buy lamps and change the light bulbs in my kitchen… Adulting hard.




Oh Crap…It’s Been a While

Hey out there,

It has been since July when I posted last. Lots has gone on in my life that I can even fathom would have happened when I moved.

I got a dog. I got a tiny little dog that lives with me and keeps me sane. We go for walks, have talks while watching Netflix and share snacks. Match made in heaven. He is now 3 months and I am in the process of having to get his beans removed so he stops humping things in my apartment. I love him none the less.

I turned older. My birthday was last month and I am now one year older. I didn’t really do much to celebrate. Mostly ate tacos at my parents house. I also did get an awesome gift from my brother and sister-in-law, it’s a Keurig and it’s red so it matches my microwave. Yes, I am one of those people.

I got a new job. I was removed from my previous position and now work for an amazing team. When you are excited to go to work ,you know you hit the jackpot. It’s only my second week here but I am done so much more work that is up my artistic alley then before.

I have a boyfriend. Would you look at that! Some romance to discuss! Started dating recently and things are going well. He accepts my crazy so that’s a bonus. He gets along with my dog and also helps cook so I mean, winner winner chicken dinner!

I should be getting to work now as I am well, at work but I begin my day in 3 minutes.

Keep it real.

I Moved In!

I moved into my apartment yesterday. I was up at 6am and didn’t go to bed still 10:30pm due to the fact I am a crazy person and just had to keep putting things up on my walls ( that required tape or a screw..wasn’t hammering anything after 5pm because I don’t want my neighbours to hate me already).

I have to say I didn’t enjoy the move due to the fact that I just don’t like to lift heavy things. I am pretty awful at when people ask me to lift something let alone lift my own stuff. I managed until everything was in the apartment.

As I sit here I am pretty please with what I see..aside from the naked wall above my t.v. It’s just so naked…

Fun Fact: there are a lot of hot guys living in my apartment and they have dogs! Bonus the freaking Jonas on that one! Eye Candy all over the place.

I don’t even know why I am up this early but it’s a good thing because I still have some groceries I need to get so getting that done early before tackling the rest of my life in boxes makes me feel like a productive adult. When I can’t adult to save my life. I can do adult like things ( not porn, you sickos) but like pay my bills on time or go grocery shopping. Anything else is pretty much up in the air with crazy child like antics.


Buying Apartment Things

On Saturday I went to the Walmart. It’s my new favourite store with all the sales and containers that I have to buy. Actually, it’s not my favourite store but since I am moving and I am on a budget that damn little yellow Smiley face on mark downs makes me all tingly inside.

My mission on this Saturday afternoon was to get more storage containers, curtain rods ( which I know nothing about and had to adult so hard I was texting my mom saying I don’t know what I was doing), a garbage can (which I got on sale for $6. There’s a story will this garbage can that I will get to) and two lamps for my living room. Just your basic Saturday night…

I made my way to the lamp isle to stand there for 20 minutes looking at about 30 different lamps. First of all why are lamps so expensive?! Yes, I could have went to Ikea but that was not on my list of places to go right now. Walmart, I only want Walmart. I went back and forth with my already stocked cart staring at the lamps and lifting them and examining the lamp shades and then putting them back down. All the while I was texting my best friend about how expensive lamps are. It came down to two lamps that I liked that went with my style of apartment ( my apartment will look like Pinterest vomited all over it), There was a lamp that had a ceramic elephant and a basic white grey lampshade, loved this lamp, I hugged this lamp in the store but the price of it got me, $60 and I needed 2. I put the elephant down and went to my next lamp. It was the accent colour that got me because my apartment is white, black and teal. The lamp base was teal and the white lampshade has cold written that says “Be Brave” in it. It was so Pinterest and Instagram worthy and these lamps were $40 each. After standing there staring at these lamps for a good 7 minutes I decided on the teal. I put them in my basic but I still longed for the elephant lamps which I have told myself I will go back for on another day. This was a 20 minute journey.

I am now making my way to the garbage can isle where there was a cute little garbage can on sale for $6 which was a jackpot to me. The one problem was that the only one left was on the very top shelf at the very back. I legit had to climb the shelf a little but I still couldn’t reach it so what I did was I took off one of my flats that has a rubber bottom and I kept smacking the top of the can until it tipped over and I could finally grab it. All the while there was a guy at the end of the isle watching my circus act and laughing at me.

I was damn proud of myself on this shopping adventure needless to say. I found all my items, some on sale and I managed to stay in budget and keep going with my life.

I like to think this was a sign that I was going to survive on my own. I am an adult woman who can climb store shelfs and get what she needs!


I Am So Busy

I bought a date planner to keep myself more organize and to stick to what I write in there. I riddle off to friends that I am so busy that I have this and that and that and this to do but do I really do it? No.

I, like a bunch of other people out there, tend to get the grand idea in my head that I am going to be super productive when I get home and do everything that I wrote down in my planner that day. Wrongo! Oh so wrong. Who am I kidding. I know for a fact that my ass is going to change into some jams, grab a drink and my laptop and Youtube it out until I go to bed.

Why is this? It’s because I am a natural procrastinator. I believe that weekends are meant to complete all the boring mundane tasks that I didn’t do during the week because I work hard enough at my day job that I deserve my evenings.

I also enjoy making it seem like my life is so grand and amazing with all my busy appointments and little written notes in my planner. Oh I am sorry I can’t meet up for a coffee, I am a meeting with my Insurance Broker at that time. It’s an email…I am sending an email but saying meeting and Insurance Broker in the same sentence makes me a damn adult! Give me a power suit and some 80’s hair! I am coming for you!

What did I do today when I got home? Packed one box of fragile items. I did that. That is the most productive thing I physically want to do right now. Adulting to the max.


Getting Hit On While Crying

So, shit happens in life, right? Well some real crap hit the fan earlier this week when we had to put down my 13 year old beagle. I tried to stay strong and keep on with my day but essentially I went home from work and as we all know I take the bus.

I had my sunglasses on, a tea in my hand to keep me as calm as possible on my 45 minute commute home and low and behold and this almost empty bus a guy comes and sits in my empty seat. There are at least 60 empty seats on this bus and this low riding pant wearing Macklemore wanna be sits right on down.

I am paying no attention to him at this time as I am for sure ugly crying towards the window to draw less attention to myself. So to have this person start a conversation was not on my list of wants.

He mentions he couldn’t help noticed I looked sad. You just got on the bus bro, you didn’t notice anything. He continues to prattle on about he likes to make sad girls happy. Don’t even…do not even. Then he asks for my number! Are you serious?! I haven’t even said a word back to him and he enjoy this full on conversation to himself and then asks for my number.

I slowly turned to him, lowered my sunglasses so my heavily mascara massacred eyes bore into his and I said kindly “Back away now for your own safety”. He then proceeded to say something like “Woaw Babe I didn’t” and that’s when I got up from my seat and moved to another one, on a different bus because thankfully when this happened my stop was at that moment.

A word of advice for everyone out there, do not hit on anyone crying on the bus. Just don’t. Just give that crying stranger their space and keep on trucking or be kind and hand them a tissue with no conversation attached.

Macklemore Wanna-Be, if you ever read this. Just don’t.

The Guy On The Bus

Have you ever been on the bus and you eye the cut guy that is boarding and hoping that he sits next to you? Oh, you don’t take the bus? Well, you can just grab a drink and enjoy my story.

This is a reoccurring daily experience for me. There is always a very attractive male that boards the bus I am on and I bore my eyes into them (behind my dark lenses sunglasses…I am not that much of a creeper) in hopes they will sit down next to me. I also then panic in thought of them actually sitting down and I have to gather the lady balls to actually speak to this human.

I am sure I am not the only one that has gone through this. At the same time if they don’t sit with you but there sit somewhere else on the bus that you can just stare at the back of their head, it’s just as exciting.

I always tell myself each morning that I will speak to this person or somehow get them to sit with me but then again who wants to be spoken to let alone hit on at 7am in the morning?! Where is my mind at that I find this the top priority of my bussing routine?!

I am honestly saying I am that much of a creep but you wouldn’t be able to tell that I am but I am sure you are picturing some sort of Disney like villan sitting at the back of the bus with some fog brewing around her as she lures you into her bus like layer.

I just imagined myself as a Disney character and I did get a laugh out of it. Glad I made myself laugh when no one is around as I type this out…le sigh.

Hope you enjoyed this rambling today. If you didn’t, that’s up to you but hey, who am I to judge…

Had To Begin Somewhere

Do you know how many blogs I have had in my life? Six.Six blogs and each time I let them die out and never went back to care for  them because I lost interest in them. Kind of like plants or relationships that I have had, ok, not so much plants.

Why am I creating another blog again? To be honest it was on a whim when I as having a Facebook Chat rant with a friend of mine and I just let my over caffeinated self get carried away with insults and new names to call people. I promise I am not that mean but I tend to hide my sorrow with humour. I also promise I am a grown woman, when I want to be.

The truth is that I find it easier to express how I am feeling in written word rather then vocalizing it. Whether it be a tragic first date or something I found funny at the mall. I enjoy telling people things that are so out there that no one would believe but yet these things happen to me.

I am not a want to be writer or a self proclaimed comedian. I am simple a girl with her soon to be apartment that is starting a new chapter in her life and wants complete strangers to follow her interesting life events.

Sounds good to you? If it doesn’t, I don’t really care because you’re not my mom.