I Moved!…Again…

Hello there casual readers,

It has been roughly over a month since I have written anything. To be honest, I completely forgot about my lovely little blog till this morning. I am that kind of person it seems.

I have moved into my place. I have to say it feels more like home over the previous apartment. I have gone by the apartment building a couple times. I don’t feel any longing to be there. I don’t feel any sadness. I feel anger towards it due to the horrible managers that ran that place and treated me terribly. I don’t miss my neighbor who was from jail and apart of a government funded program of re-introducing previously incarcerated men back into society. I never felt safe there and that is why my dad had to install a dead bolt on my door just weeks after I moved in a year ago.

In this new place I have the comfort of knowing my landlord and his family are upstairs. They check in with me via text or if I happen to be in the backyard with the dog. It’s nice having that sort of relationship with a person since you are staying in their basement. That is also the thing, it doesn’t feel like a basement. I feel like I am in a condo because of how beautifully renovated the unit is. It’s so much space for me to just do what I want to do and not feel confined like the previous place where everything was so boxed in.

Things I have learned since moving is that I hate moving. I am great at packing and organizing but if someone asks me to move a box I will find something else to do. I just don’t like lifting. It’s not my thing.

I also feel more like an adult because I do have my own space, my own bills and a place that I can call a home. I don’t plan on leaving any time soon because of how great the unit is and the neighborhood. The next time I move will be into my own house. That is my plan!


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