Public Transit

I have been on a rampage all day with this whole Presto Card and OC Transpo nonsense.

If you are a person who takes transit to and from work, you are familiar with PRESTO and that you load your card with money and tap it when you get on the bus. You very well know it takes 24 hours for your card to load BUT you don’t know this till you get on the bus and tap it.

I loaded my card on Saturday evening knowing I won’t be using this card until Monday morning, well over the 24 hour time that is noted on each confirmation email you are sent 20 minutes after adding funds.

I get onto the bus first, in front of 12 other people for my card to read NOT ENOUGH FUNDS on the red screen. I try to tape it again and the drivers shouts at me that there isn’t enough funds and to stop taping it. I get defensive and pull out the email from Saturday saying there is money. The driver continues to shout at me saying it takes 24-48 hours for the funds to read on the card. WHERE DID THIS 48 HOUR RULE COME FROM NOW?! After the driver scolded me further he let me have a seat on the bus. I was overly embarrassed and couldn’t wait to get off the bus.

This is not the first time it has happened to be. I put on $50 last month two days in advance knowing that it again takes 24 hours for it to read not enough funds the next day. This is when I still had $10 on the card and loaded $50 more on to it. The driver this time shouted at me as HE WAS DRIVING AWAY and telling me to get off the bus. I got off the bus alright, in a thunderstorm.

I am emailed OC Transpo with the complaint of the rudeness of the driver from this morning and also Presto as to what the correct answer is to the wait time of funds to be on my pass.

As a person with anxiety you want to stay on top of this so you don’t have to go through this or seeing that red screen. It’s the same with worrying your bank card being declined when you know you have money.

I am very displeased with the actions that OC Transpo has taken and the lack of response I have been given towards my complaint as I would like for it to be taken seriously.



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