Online Dating

Hello there,

I have recently joined up with online dating and nothing has changed! It has been two years since I removed myself from putting myself online to draw attention of the opposite sex. I still see the exact same thing now as I did back then:

Men posing with dogs or other animals because ” chicks love dogs”

Men posting with children because ” chicks love kids”

Men not know how to take a decent selfie or get someone take a picture for them so they attempt themselves resulting in a picture that shows their eye and left nostril…sexy.

Out of the 9 men I have matched with this morning one two have messaged me, the rest I assume are waiting for me to message them and to be honest I would but why do I have to initiate everything? If you liked my profile first and I happened to like your second, message me, it’s your turn!

Conversations will either just end because you don’t have anything to talk about or the guy asks you what your underwear looks like.. I just don’t see why they have to do that?! Why can’t they just get to know a girl before getting all pervy about it?


I am still going to keep up with the online dating and see what other outcomes I get. This is both for my social life and now a social experiment.


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