I am going to move…

You read that right, I am going to move.

I loved my apartment in the beginning, which doesn’t seem so long ago. It was cute, it was my first apartment. Got a good deal for it but now….but now…

  1. My neighbor is a one man band that likes to play the electric piano, guitar, drums, and now bongos at all hours of the night. Like this morning, at 4am…jamming away on that damn piano. Yes, my landlords are aware. Yes, they told me if it bothered me to call bylaw. Yes, I called bylaw…6 times now in the past 9 months.
  2. My landlords never come and fix anything. I am still waiting for new closet doors, a drawer to be fixed, the ant problem from that won’t go away because my other neighbors have ant problem, my lining of my bedroom window is completely gone so it’s been real cold this winter.
  3. Children being allowed to run up and down the hallways screaming and knocking on my door and running away.

Other then that it’s o.k I guess. I mean, I did well for my first time living alone but come on! Half of the people living in my building don’t have jobs and smoke weed all day while the government pays for them to sit at home and smoke weed all day. I know they do because they smoke in the hallways of the apartment instead of inside so when they have their monthly visit from their social worker there isn’t any evidence of it in the apartment… I know this because they told me the other night when we were standing outside because someone set their kitchen on fire and well we had to wait for the fire department to tell us we could go in.

I find out officially on Monday if I get this new place or not. Either way, can not wait to get out of there.


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