I am a grown adult!

Hello again,

I find it difficult to be treated like an adult when I look like I should be deciding on what prom dress I should be wearing in the spring.

I am cursed/blessed with the face of a teenager but the internal organs of an adult approaching 30. I try my hardest to change my hair, my clothes and my attitude but when someone at a coffee shop tries to cut in front of me and says ” the kid can wait, I have to get to a meeting”… I am not a kid, sir! I am a grown ass woman that just happens to be below average height for my age and still gets carded for vodka!

I don’t know if I need to start going all ” Devil Wears Prada ” on people or simply gain the confidence and attitude Miranda has. I know it’s a weird character to idolize for confidence but seriously…she got what she needed done!

I work in business environment so I dress the part but you can’t tell that on a stormy winter day… I just want to be taken seriously!

Sigh, this is going to be an interesting challenge for a few more years!



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