The Year Has Ended

Hello again,

As you can tell, I am getting the hang of actually writing things and you know..posting them.

The year has ended and I am so grateful for all the adventures and challenges that came my way in 2016.

I got to go on a vacation and see my best friend from college in Victoria, BC. I left my job of 2.5 years to start a new career as an admin to be let go 6 months later due to reasons that are of their own. I was scooped up by another amazing team which they allow me to branch out with my photography and graphic design which is my true background.

I moved into my own apartment and have been there for 6 months. I love my apartment more than one person should love an apartment. I also got a puppy who is 5 months and is the sunshine in my life. I also got a boyfriend, but you know..puppy.

There was some downs for sure especially loosing my pseudo aunt to cancer right before Christmas. She is no longer suffering and that is the important thing. She was surrounded by the people she loved and loved her when she passed.

I am excited to see what 2017 brings. I don’t really have any big plans like vacation. I mostly have lists of things I want to accomplish and see where that takes me.

I hope your 2016 was as great as mine!

Till 2017 everyone!


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