The Holidays

Hello everyone and Merry Christmas and soon to be New Year!

I just finished giving my puppy a bath and now he is running around like a lunatic and that got me to thinking, the holidays make people go crazy!

I know personally that I was super cranky and irritable and about to go crazy by day 4 of my holidays. If I wasn’t getting dressed, stock piling gifts into a bag and chasing my dog to get him crated I was planning on getting dressed, stock piling gifts into a bag and just chasing my dog.

The holidays are great and all but I am ready for them to be over. I love my family, my friends and all the blessings that this Christmas season had to give but to be honest I just want to go back to work and get away from massive meals, recycling and alcohol. I have been none stop go go go since the 22nd and I am ready to throw my towel in!

My boyfriend and I have decided to have a New Years Eve in which is fine by me because I just want to be lazy for a weekend. I don’t want to glam up to go eat a meal to come home and take it all off two hours later. I am totally find being in some comfy pjs, throw on a movie, pour some wine and just lounge on my perfect organized, colour coordinated couch.

If there is anyone else that feels this way, please tell me how much you are excited to go back to work!


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