Love My Apartment Too Much?


I was pondering the amount of cleaning and tidying that I want to do this evening, when it hit me. I love my apartment too much! I am constantly finding ways to make it my own even more. Changing pictures, moving furniture, even contemplating changing light bulbs so the lighting contrast is all the same… Yes, that may be too far.

I am always finding things to change to make my home feel more like home. I am constantly searching on IKEA to add to my little apartment and making plans and lists.

I am currently updating my living room so that there is more room. I am in desperate need of an ottoman so that people can rest their feet on something when they are on my couch, rather than my coffee table. Not going to name names but someone is very naughty and tends to put their feet on my table.

I am also trying to make things more minimal looking as well. With having so much surface space on the coffee table and as well as the t.v unit I just constantly drop things there and don’t think twice about it. Reducing that will make things look constantly tidy instead of me always cleaning…though that is going to happen…I vacuum at least twice a week, depending.

My living room is my focal point really because of the fact that I spend most of my time there compared to my bedroom like back at my parents place. I want to get the layout and furniture nailed down before I continue with anything else. I did finally finish one wall of artwork which I am pretty please about and now working on the wall above my couch. That is a work in progress because I don’t have all the art work I want right now. I am particular about what I want seen and how it’s presented.

I think my next challenge is going to be the dining room since it is right next to the living room. It’s has a mix of black and white features but I want to bring it more to the lighters side so there will be some frame painting and replacing going on. Also the horrendous yellow lighting from the ceiling fan does not help at all! Yuck!

Lastly the bedroom will be more of my oasis if you will. I want to make it very comfortable and my escape please. I am looking into getting a tapestry, which is a new trend that I found on Urban Outfitters, that I want to put somewhere in my room. I want to hang some little lights around the bed, get some more jewelry holders that attach to the wall to display some of my pieces that I love.

Not everything is going to be done at once but it surely will get done. I am going to be in this apartment for a while so I want to make it my space.




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